Turkey (or Ham) and Cheese Sandwich

No, you don't need a recipe to make a sandwich. But here are some ideas for making a tasty school sandwich that is packed with recovery goodness.


Start by choosing a good bread. See if there is sliced sourdough or brioche at your local store. Find out what your kid's favorite is. But get something heartier and tastier than typical sandwich bread.

Be generous with the mayonnaise, especially if you've made your own.

You can buy pre-sliced turkey, ham, etc. at the store. No need to pile it on, just use it to get some good flavor going.

Top it off with at least two slices of cheese. It's worth going for the good stuff if you can find it. Recovery Girl enjoyed Havarti and Mozarella in her sandwiches.

Pack that with a couple of good cookies and a favorite fruit and it's a pretty good meal.


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