Maybe you've given up wondering what happened to us. You may or may not have noticed that Recovery Dad tweeted not long ago that "something big" was up at Recovery Headquarters.

Well, this episode is it. As we explain, we've reached a point where we can't keep up with making more episodes. But we also think we've covered a lot of the things we wanted to say.

There was just one big thing left to do — and to find out what it is it you'll have to listen to the episode!

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First off, it's obvious that we're not going to be able to keep to our original, rather ambitious release schedule. We're really sorry for the long delay since the last episode, but a lot of stuff (not related to eating disorders) happened in our "Clark Kent" lives.

We've been promising this episode since the beginning, and we hope it's helpful. Remember to check our resources page for places to find coaches or even treatment centers. As always, if you have questions please contact us and we'll try to help.

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First off, we're sorry this episode is late. It turns out that an episode every two weeks is just more than we can handle. So, after this, we're going to shoot for one episode per month.

But we hope you find this episode useful! We talk about some basics of kitchen equipment and technique, and give tips on how and when to get your kid involved in the kitchen.


It doesn't take every gadget in the store to make a lot of delicious food. We talk about some basics in the episode, and here are the links we promised.

You'll want a good, 12" stainless steel skillet. It can be worth investing in a good one, but the Emeril Pro-Clad is a deal at only around $35.

Non-stick skillets are disposable. Don't spend a lot of money on non-stick! Especially since you can get a nice one from T-fal for around $26.

A good Dutch Oven will let you make all kinds of yummy stuff. The fancy Le Crueset is pretty expensive, but the cheap Lodge does just about as well for only $70.

Don't waste money on a "knife set". All you need are 3 kinds: An 8" Chef's knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife. And one of the best Chef's knives is cheap! Check out the Victorinox Fibrox.

Save time, save cleanup, and get better results (especially when baking) by measuring ingredients with a kitchen scale. Recovery Dad loves his OXO with pull-out display.

The awesome little vegetable peelers we mention in the episode are cheap and fun. And you get three in a set so your assistant(s) can help out.

You can eliminate the guesswork as to when meat, poultry, fish, candy, and a lot of things are done by using a good, instant-read thermometer. While our favorite, the Thermapen, looks pretty expensive, just imagine how few steaks you would have to not ruin to have it pay for itself. Highly recommended.

We mention Sous Vide (say "sue veed"). The equipment is getting much cheaper now. Here's a review that covers some promising newcomers to the market.


That cool new way to cook pasta that we raved about? Read all about it at the wonderful Serious Eats blog. Recovery Dad has no plans to cook dry pasta any other way. Save time? Save water? Save energy? And get better pasta? You'll love it.

We also mention the Maillard Reaction, which we'll leave as a fun research project for you.

If you catch the cooking bug, and we hope you do, check out America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Illustrated. Their recipes are always reliable and terrific. You can also find recipes on line at sites like Epicurious. Don't forget that we have recovery-oriented recipes linked right from our own Resources page.

Finally, here's that online cooking school we talked about. It's wonderful. And if you compare it in price to most cooking schools - that you have to travel to - you'll be amazed.

Get high-quality, fresh ingredients. Find a recipe to try. Follow it the first couple of times until you understand how it works, then just taste as you go and trust your own inspiration. Cooking and baking are a wonderful mix of science and art - and you get to eat the results! Plus, once you're at the right stage of recovery, helping in the kitchen can be a bridge to a healthy relationship with food as well as good bonding time.


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Our first by request episode! A listener asked us to address relapse, so here it is. In this episode we talk about how to recognize what relapse is and isn't, and how to get (or provide, if you're parent/family) help.

We mention finding a coach if you're living away from family, such as at college. This is the article we suggested that you check out.

Do you have a question for Recovery Dad & Recovery Girl? A request or suggestion? Even a correction? We'd love to hear from you. Just use the contact form here on the web site.

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Parents, please listen to this episode before listening with your kid. Recovery Dad & Recovery Girl talk about dealing with one of the most triggering things on the internet: proana web sites.

Also: Recovery Girl's Coping Skills.

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Recovery Dad & Recovery Girl start the show by correcting a boo-boo.

Recovery Girl shares some of her favorite coping skills, and gives some tips on coming up with your own.

Check out the video she made on how to make a Grounding Box.

Recovery Dad's Tips for Distraught Parents is about how to be supportive without hovering.

Also discussed: Who needs to know about your ED? What do you do if the wrong people find out?

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This is our first show with a TRIGGER ALERT. We'll explain what that's about, but for now it just means that we strongly suggest that you parents listen to the episode first, and then decide if the things we talk about might be triggering for your kid. In this episode we'll be talking about calories.

Awesome music by Allen Simpson.

Didn't we say just one episode ago that eating disorders are not about the food? Continuing our theme of just how topsy-turvy the ED world can be, in this episode we talk about how food, even though it doesn't cause eating disorders, is a vital part of recovery.

Recovery Dad and Recovery Girl talk about why food matters, and the mindset you need in order to get your kid what she needs.

Also in this episode:

Recovery Dad's Tips for Distraught Parents: The hardest thing you can't say to your daughter.


Tune in on October 15th for Espisode 4: You Gotta Have Cope

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One of the many counter-intuitive things about eating disorders is that they really aren't about the food. Listen to find out why it's not helpful to tell an anorexic to "just eat" and to learn what eating disorders are really about.

Recovery Dad has a Tip for Distraught Parents: What not to talk about, especially at mealtime.

Recovery Girl presents a favorite coping skill. It colors your fingers!

Check back on October 1st for Episode 3: It's All About the Food.

(We told you things could be counter-intuitive.)


Awesome music by Allen Simpson.

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Recovery Dad & Recovery Girl reveal their plans for the new podcast.

It's our very first episode, and we're excited to get started. We talk about how eating disorders are confusing for both the parents and kids who suffer from them. For some reason there's a lot of shame around eating disorders. This leads to people feeling isolated and alone.

We're here to say you aren't alone.

This podcast is for families or anybody dealing with an eating disorder. We'll usually talk about anorexia, and usually in girls. But we understand that there are other eating disorders, and that boys and adults get them. You won't be forgotten. It's just that anorexia is the most common, and it's usually found in girls. That's what we had experience with.

We hope to provide you with the things we wish we had known when we started. Expect features on coping skills, recipes, and a look at the counterintuitive, upside-down world of eating disorders.

We talk in this episode about the many triggers out there, and the challenge the whole family faces in ignoring them and the unhelpful comments you're bound to get from others.

Even though eating disorders are not about the food, food is an important part of the treatment. In future episodes we'll talk about food, recipes, kitchen techniques, and ways to make food a fun and tasty part of recovery. Don't worry if you aren't an experienced cook. We'll have resources to help with that. But before we talk about food in a way that might be triggering, we'll warn you so that the parents can listen first. This episode is for everybody - trigger free.

We're planning regular features like:

  • Recovery Girl's Coping Skills
  • Recovery Dad's Tips for Distraught Parents

We'll do our level best to make sure the advice we give is based on solid science. But we are not psychologists, therapists, doctors, or dietitians. We won't take the place of a good medical team. If your doctor or professional tells you something different, do what they say!

Episodes will drop on the 1st and 15th of the month. Be sure to tune in on September 15th for Episode 2: It's Not About The Food.

TECH NOTE: If this episode vanishes from iTunes temporarily (early September, 2014) please check back in a day or two. We're still ironing out the process.

Awesome music by Allen Simpson.

If you found the show useful, please help cover our hosting and bandwidth costs by hitting the tip jar. You can also support the show by subscribing and leaving a nice review.

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