This is our first show with a TRIGGER ALERT. We'll explain what that's about, but for now it just means that we strongly suggest that you parents listen to the episode first, and then decide if the things we talk about might be triggering for your kid. In this episode we'll be talking about calories.

Awesome music by Allen Simpson.

Didn't we say just one episode ago that eating disorders are not about the food? Continuing our theme of just how topsy-turvy the ED world can be, in this episode we talk about how food, even though it doesn't cause eating disorders, is a vital part of recovery.

Recovery Dad and Recovery Girl talk about why food matters, and the mindset you need in order to get your kid what she needs.

Also in this episode:

Recovery Dad's Tips for Distraught Parents: The hardest thing you can't say to your daughter.


Tune in on October 15th for Espisode 4: You Gotta Have Cope

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