We're both excited now that the web site has officially launched and our first episode is out there in the world. Let us know what you think!

As might be expected, we're hitting little technical snags here and there, so our apologies if things aren't as smooth as they could be yet. By Episode 2, which drops on September 15th, 2014, we expect things to be much smoother. By October 1st, well, we'll be cooking with gas!

We've mapped out 7 episodes worth of topics so far – There's plenty to talk about. We hope to hear from our listeners as well, so if you think of something we should cover please let us know via the contact form here on the web site.

Future blog posts should be more about eating disorders and less about launching a podcast. Adding recipes continues, and we hope to be adding yours as well. It has been quite an adventure already, and we can't wait to see where this goes. Please help spread the word. We are on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. And, of course, always on www.recoverydad.com.


        -- Recovery Dad & Recovery Girl

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